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Garison Readers

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I still don”t know who”s reading about Garison Fitch.  I can check my account at Amazon and see that—this month—I have sold several copies of my books about Garison (and even a couple copies of the books about his grandson ["All the Time in Our World"]) but other than the one friend on Facebook who… Read more »

Multiple Realities

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Most modern time travel fiction that I’ve read or seen is based on the idea of multiple realities. From a fictional standpoint, this resolves the old time travel connundrum of “Could I go back in time and kill my grandfather because wouldn’t that cause me to cease to exist?” If we say there are multiple… Read more »

Why Time?

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Jerry Seinfeld said that when you walk into a bookstore you have the fiction section and the non-fiction section.  In other words, one group is telling the truth and one group is lying. So, why lie about time travel? I have always been fascinated with time travel.  Who doesn’t have something in their life they… Read more »