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Several years ago, a friend and I came up with a comic book story. Mike was going to draw the comic book and I was going to write it.

The story was going to follow a guardian angel. One night, the angel had kept his charge from being in a car wreck. But that wasn’t what the angel was supposed to do. He had just assumed and hadn’t checked in with his superiors. What he was supposed to do was allow the man to be in the car wreck, but keep him from dying. The man would have met a nice lady while in the hospital, gotten married, had a happy life.

By protecting the man, though, the angel had enabled him to make it to his white supremacy meeting. From there, he had gone on to garner power and become a new Hitler. The comic book was going to follow him a couple hundred years in the future when he works in a post-apocalyptic age, trying to make things right, one good deed at a time. He would also be battling his own pride and nature in that his first response is to rush in, without taking the proper steps first.

I’d still like to do this comic book and I’d still like to do it with Mike. For now, though, the angel’s only appearance in print is in the novel “All the Time in Our World”. Can you guess which character he is?

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