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Those of you who have read “Saving Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch — Book 2″ and “Lost Time” (book 3) are familiar with the character of Bat Garrett. What you may not know is that there are at least three books about him. (Why “at least three”? I’ll explain in a minute.)

The books about Bat Garrett are not out on the market, yet, but the people who have read them (family and friends) keep asking me to put them out. My only hesitation is that, while Bat is the grandfather that Edward Garrett admires so in “All the Time in Our World” and the third book also tells us of the romance between Bat and Heather before she married Garison Fitch, the Bat Garrett stories have nothing to do with time travel. Bat is a young, small-time private detective in Dallas who one day finds himself in way over his head on a case that isn’t what it seems. It’s got humor, some mystery, a lot of action, but no time travel.

I don’t mind that, myself. But my limited experience with selling books so far tells me that only my time travel books are selling. On the other hand, the only other books I have out there right now are “Christian life” books, which may be why they aren’t selling. [There's a market for those kinds of stories, I'm sure, I just haven't been able to tap into it.] Would a book about a private eye meet the same collective indifference? I guess I won’t know until I give it a shot.

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Now, why the weird comment about, “at least three”? Well, I originally wrote a trilogy of Bat Garrett novels: “The Nice Guy”; “Up to Bat” and “Return of the Nice Guy”. Then, I went on later and wrote two more novels about Bat (“Death Among Friends” and “Slope”). No problem, right? Except that I have been through every computer disk and file I have and there is no sign of those last two books! That’s really not a tremendous loss for “Slope”. I was never really pleased with it. It’s purpose was to flesh out a side character and set him up for a story of his own, and it always seemed like a “filler” story. I regret not having the manuscript for “Death Among Friends”, though. It was a good story. At least it’s still in my head (and there’s that movie some of us made of it years ago … )

How does an author lose his manuscript? If I knew that, I wouldn’t be writing this.

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