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The following is from a fan letter from a reader (I’ll call him “R”) from South Carolina. Thought you might be interested. (And thanks, R, for writing!)

You asked which are my favorite characters? That is kind of like asking me which chocolate in a box of chocolates is my favorite. The thing that makes a box of chocolates so exciting is the variety. But having said that, if I had to pick, I’d pick Edward and Marianne, and I can’t wait to read the next sequels of their adventures.

I also enjoyed Bat a great deal, but it took a while to overcome Garrison’s [sic] reservations about him. I must tell you: you left your readers in quite a quandry at the end of “Nice Guy”. At least I am having a hard time deciding who are the good guys and who are not. The only one I am convinced is a good guy is Bat and I am pretty sure Jody is a good guy/gal, but I’m not positive. I had a strong temptation to find you and strangle you :) because of the lack of closure at the end of “Nice Guy”, but it is not the first of your books that left me in that disposition at the end. The thing that kept it from being so painful for the others is that the sequel was immediately available on Kindle for the download. So I anxiously await the release of the rest of the “Nice Guy” series. Good marketing!!!

You asked if I want to know more about any characters. Yes. But I suspect they will be revealed in the sequels. Particularly, I want to know how Edward and Marianne adjusted to their old life of their original time when they returned as mariied people with a lot of new experiences (apparently overnight to those they left behind). I want to know who the bad guys are in the “Nice Guy” series. I want to know more about the Overstreets. You left that small tickler in “Nice Guy” but did not develop it, yet. I am still a bit puzzled over how Bat is going to reconcile the experience of first meeting Garrison as an older man before he met him as a younger one.

Note to readers … we will eventually find out who the bad guys are in Bat’s story. And, in that same novel, he’ll meet a young Justice of the Peace named Andy Taylor Garison Fitch.

Something that was interesting to me was Richard’s first reaction to Bat. I created Bat long before Garison, so I’ve always viewed him a certain way in my mind. It hadn’t occurred to me that someone who was colored by Garison’s way of thinking wouldn’t like Bat at first, but it actually makes sense. It’s wonderful to have my own characters opened up to me in that way. And, for any of you other readers who are hesitant to read Bat’s story for this very reason, try to remember how highly Heather Fitch thought of Bat.

And R, Edward and Marianne are my wife’s favorite characters, too. Maybe because Marianne’s personality is so much like my wife’s. Nah, that couldn’t be it.

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