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I enjoy re-writing in that I enjoy getting back into a story. It’s irritating to find all the mistakes I left in there on the previous go-round, but there’s a certain pleasure in correcting those things.

What’s hard (I like it, but it’s a challenge) is when I come to a part that either needs to be re-written or needs some entirely new paragraphs added. It’s hard to write the new material in such a way that it goes with the old material.

Kind of like replacing bricks. If you’ve ever tried to replace a broken brick–or build on to something and try to match bricks–you know it’s almost impossible. Even if they came from the same manufacturer, a brick made today will not look exactly like the bricks made a year ago. Not only will the bricks that have been in the sun for a year have changed colors just slightly, the “recipe” for batches of bricks is never exactly the same.

When I go into an “old” passage and try to add something new, it’s really hard to get the new stuff to be in the same voice. I’m not thinking exactly the way I did when I first wrote it. Different words are popping up in my vocabulary.

I also know the rest of the story better. It’s hard during re-writes to go into, say, chapter two and not reveal something that shouldn’t be revealed until chapter five. My mind is thinking, “She’s a flute player. I should have her playing the flute here,” before I remember that she hasn’t bought the flute, yet.

All that being said, the re-write of the latest Bat Garrett novel is going great! The first draft of the new Garison Fitch novel? Um … the re-write of the latest Bat Garrett novel is going great!

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