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There is a moment in “All the Time in Our World” where Marianne and Edward have gotten into a newlywed’s battle over something that started very small. As anyone who is married–or has been married–those little things can become big things until, eventually, they explode. In the fortunate instances, the warring parties look back and chuckle, “We were fighting over THAT?!?!”

When Edward and Marianne finally reconcile, they are in a field at dusk, the music of a party wafting gently over them, and they begin to dance. When I write–or when I do almost anything, for that matter–I have music going. When cartooning, I play all sorts of music. When writing, though, I usually only play instrumental music because I’ve learned that if I play music with lyrics those lyrics work their way into my writing.

Sometimes, as I write a passage, the music that was playing when I first created the passage will become so engrained in me that, each subsequent time I work on the passage, I still hear the music that was playing the first time.

This passage is unique in that I wrote it, but some time later I heard the song that is now permanently engraved in my mind as it’s companion. It’s called “A Song for All Lovers” and was written by John Denver. It speaks of two people slowly dancing together in the moonlight. The song is set on the steppes of Alaska, but whenever I hear it I picture Edward and Marianne dancing in the moonlight on that field outside Trahlad. When I read that passage, I’m hearing Denver’s song in the back of my mind.

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