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I periodically (OK, obsessively) check my stats to see how many books I have sold on Amazon’s Kindle platform. I also check the stats on B&N’s Nook, though not as often because so far my books haven’t really taken off there.

So when I was looking at the stats to see how many books I had sold in September, 2010, I noticed that I had sold one copy of each of the four parts of “All the Time in Our World”. Now, I’m going to guess that all four were purchased by the same person. (It doesn’t take much of a leap of logic to assume that no one’s going to buy a novel clearly marked “part 3″ just out of the blue.)

I would love to know how this person found my books. Just judging my the stats I can see, most people who come to my writings purchase “First Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch – Book 1″ first. Then, some of them like that story and go on to read the sequels. A few more go on to read “All the Time” (or, as my wife refers to it: the Edward and Marianne story). While it’s possible that some of my stateside readers also began with “All the Time”, I don’t know of that being the case.

And, I should add in here: some of my “stateside sales” are actually to international customers. One of the people who has actually written me a fan letter is a man who is an American working in Saudi Arabia (who buys his Kindle books through the American Amazon link).


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