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As I write this (thinking about the three novels I’m working on featuring Bat Garrett, Jody Anderson, Garison Fitch, and Edward and Marianne Garrett) it occurs to me what an inexact thing time is, even though we don’t treat it as such.

Ever made a “New Year’s Resolution”? I have, and some I’ve even kept–for varying periods of time–but it all seemed pretty artificial. What, after all, was the real difference between December 31 and January 1? Just an arbitrary mark on a calendar–or, two calendars, to be precise.

According to earlier blogs and the iFAQ, I committed to getting “Some of the Time” (the sequel to “All the Time in Our World”) published by December of 2010. That’s still many months off, but as the calendar grinds ever forward, it’s seeming closer and closer. Right now, I know I can get it done … but I may feel differently, come November.

And I’m being encouraged to work on a Master’s Degree. Don’t mind the idea, but where will I find the (here’s that word again) time? Maybe I could release it as a cookbook and call it “Some of the Thyme”. Nah, that would require another rewrite.

I think what appeals to me about the idea of time travel is that if I were to not finish the re-write on “SOTT” (now that’s a bad acronym, I may need to work on that) on time, I could just alter the clock and give myself more time. But since I don’t have a time machine, only work and judicious planning will get it all done.

Maybe I’ll use the title a friend suggested: “Coping with Attention Deficite Dis–Hey! Look! A Butterfly!”

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