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Yes, I am working on a new Garison Fitch novel. When will it be out? I have no idea.

The original Garison Fitch novel (“First Time”) was written in the summer of 1989. Then it got re-written a few times before being self-published in 2001 (see other blogs on this web site for more details). I’m not trying to claim that writing this new novel will take me 12 years so much as I’m trying to cover my rear in case it does. :-)

Part of the problem, if I may say so, is that I did such a good job on the other three books. Yes, I know people quibble with parts of them and there are some grammatical mistakes (which I fix as soon as they’re pointed out to me). I just mean that, in the scope of the entire story, I’m satisfied with what I wrote before.

But this is a time travel story and one of the basic tenets is that things done in the past can alter the present–or the future. The novel I’m working on [slight spoiler alert] involves the Garison of the 1700s who is married to Sarah. I’m struggling with the constraints I have placed on this character–and the stories of his progeny–in the previous books.

Thankfully, I have a character in the books who can correct me when I make a mistake.


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