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Any readers who already know Bat Garrett know him only from the Garison Fitch novels as the former boyfriend of Heather that Garison can’t stand. As you’ll find out in the Bat Garrett novels (starting with “The Nice Guy” available now on Amazon’s Kindle platform), there’s a lot more to this young man.

Bat is a private detective who suplements his income by painting houses. He dreams of the “big time”, though, and makes frequent references to his heroes: Jim Rockford, Thomas Magnum, Mannix, and the Simon brothers.

At heart, though, what Bat really wants to be is a Louis L’Amour character. Tall in the saddle, surpremely confident, ultimately skilled. But Bat missed the saddle era by about a hundred years, isn’t particularly confident, and his skill set is suspect (but, fortunately for him, often overridden by luck!). Still, for the discerning reader, you’ll find that Bat has much more in common with an LL hero than with the TV heroes he claims to want to be. For, as unsure as he is in his own abilities, he has a deeply ingrained sense of right, wrong and justice.

He’s also a romantic. While the aforementioned TV sleuths often dabbled in romance (one week at a time), Bat has in common with most L’Amour heroes the desire to find that one woman who will walk beside him. The kind of woman a man stays with for life. The kind of woman who is a man’s partner, in every sense of the word. If only he could find a woman that wasn’t trying to kill him.

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