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It’s official: I have now sold more copies of my books in the month of February 2010 than in any other single month! 31 Kindle copies and 2 paperbacks, in case you’re wondering.

This is appropriate as I always look forward to February as it’s when pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training. As a die-hard Houston Astros fan, this is usually the last full month of the year when we still have a shot at the playoffs. And this year looks especially hopeful as we’ve signed more no-name has-beens than usual, leading to a sense across Astro-nation that this mist be the year we make it out of May still in contention. (Then, the team will put on a great push in September that falls just short, leading us to think “just wait ’til next year” like we always do.)

Anyway, I still don’t know who is buying my books. And, in all honesty, the numbers for this month are somewhat “padded” by my “strategy” to release “All the Time in Our World” in four parts. Whether this is a marketing strategy that has been successful will be determined over time, but someone is reading all four parts (though, oddly, part 3 is selling the best!?!?!).

Continuing to lead the pack, however, is “First Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch” which still accounts for about 1/3 of all my sales. It is clearly my best seller, but it does make me wonder why more people aren’t buying it’s sequels (together, the other two books ["Saving Time" and "Lost Time"] account for about another 1/3 of my sales). The final third of my sales are the “All the Time in Our World” segments.

In just over a year and a half, I’ve sold exactly 1 copy of my novel “Psalm 88″. I really like those characters and that story, so it makes me feel kind of sad for them. Like when one of your kids wins a prize at school and the other doesn’t.

Thanks to whoever is buying these novels. Let me know what you like about them.

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