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It’s now been two weeks since I began the experiment of offering my novels for 99 cents on Kindle*. During those two weeks (13 days, as of this writing, if you want to be precise), I have sold almost twice as many books as I was previously selling in an entire month. Now, due to Kindle’s pricing/payments, that means I won’t make as much money off my books as in previous months.

This leads me to ask myself which I like best: to be read by more people or to make more money? Yes, you grammarians, I realize that the term “best” should only be used in a case where there are at least three options. Well, the third option is that I like being read and money.

In the long run, it would seem that the low price is my best bet to achieve the second desire as well. The more people who read, the more chance for word-of-mouth. The hope, then, is that the numbers will increase to the point that selling the books at 99 cents will bring in as much or more as selling them at $3.95 was bringing in. And, of course, getting them for 99 cents is bound to be preferable for you readers, right?

(I could say “and Nook”, because they’re 99 cents there, too, but it doesn’t seem to matter. No matter what the price, I average about one sale a month on Nook. Any ideas?)


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