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I’ve been in contact with an incredibly talented artist from Atlanta about designing new covers for the Edward and Marianne stories (“All the Time in Our World”, “Some of the Time” and the forthcoming—but as yet unnamed—third and fourth novels). Her work is incredible and I think will really make the books pop off the (imaginary, digital) shelves.

In the mean time Mike Ray, the artist behind the cover for “Overstreet”, is going to start soon on some new covers for the Bat Garrett novels, as well as some of my other novels. He has plans for the Garrett novels to make all four covers be distinctive, yet follow a theme. Maybe one of these days we can release a poster of all four covers. (And, yes, that does mean there are two more Bat Garrett novels out there to be released soon!)

I know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but we all do—to a certain extent, anyway. A cover catches our eye and makes us pick up the book for a quick look … or it causes us to make the snap judgment of, “I’m not interested in that.” While my current covers are serviceable, I’ll admit they don’t grab like they should. Hopefully, that will all change soon.

So, those of you who have already read my novels (and thanks!!), pay close attention. Just because it looks like I’ve got a new book out there, it might be one you’ve already read. (Not that I mind selling you more than one copy, but … ) Pay attention to this website for previews of the new covers, and word about the new novels!

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