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This website is being inundated by spammers. Someone tried to explain to me how this works, but it didn’t click with me. Something about the spammers getting paid just for landing their ads—even if only temporarily—on websites.

How do I know they are spam and not actual letters? For starters, the “author’s” name is something like Second, they’re not actually commenting on the blog posts in question. They are posting such pithy missives as “Cheap Vie-agra and Oxy-somethin!”

That’s how it started, anyway. Last month, I was getting about a hundred “comments” a day like that. I should have counted my blessings.

Last week, I started getting “comments” that read (I’m not kidding), “Free Asian Sex pics” and “Elderly Sex pics” (can we all say “yecchh!!” in unison?). Beyond the moral implications of such filth (and believe me, I just put up a couple of the tame ones!), it’s depressing to know that there are enough depraved people out there for this to be a lucrative venture for someone.

So I dutifully went through and deleted all this crap (which is a nicer word than I could have used here with complete accuracy).

Then, starting Saturday, the spammers started a whole new tactic, one I can’t even begin to understand. No ads for misspelled pharmaceuticals or even for porn, just misspelled messages that, I guess, are supposed to look like real messages. Such as:

“Yo, that’s what’s up trutfhluly.”
“It’s wodnreful to have you on our side, haha!”
“If my polbrem was a Death Star, this article is a photon torpedo.”
“Wonderful explanation of facts availblae here.”

This really has me baffled. They’re not real messages because the same one will show up fifteen times on different blogs. They’re not selling anything. But every one of them has at least one misspelled word in it. It’s like there’s some sort of code going on. Remember the stories about how the hobos used to mark the gates of houses that would provide free meals? I have the feeling my website is being played by internet hobos, but I can’t figure out the point.


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