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Reading over “Overstreet” in preparation for releasing it this summer was a lot of fun. (Hope it will be for all you readers, too!) I’ve been writing, re-writing, abandoning, picking back up, starting over, re-writing the start-over, ad nauseum for thirty years … at least.

So going back through the story this time was a lot like visiting old friends. And, not to give anything away of the plot, I cried a couple times when characters died. I don’t know that it will affect anyone else that way (I’m still hoping it will), but for me these characters have been an intimate part of my life for so long.

That’s also part of the hesitation in releasing this novel. Once it’s out there, the characters are out there, too. It’s not so much that I am worried about readers rejecting the characters–that’s always a possibility when you let a story out into the public–I’m a little melancholy because it’s the nature of the story that the characters–at least the main ones–are not characters I can come back to and tell more stories with.

Now, maybe I can with some of the side characters. I thought of that some during this re-read but I haven’t had a “great idea” about any of them, yet. It’s the main characters who are on my mind right now and I kind of hate to let them go. On the other hand, their story is right where I want it, so it’s almost time to put it out there.

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