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Bat Garrett is hired by wealthy Dallas oil man Franklin Gaston who thinks someone is trying to kill him. Bat is skeptical, but later that day the man is murdered and all signs point to the half-brother of the man’s recently-dumped mistress. The lawyers for Gaston’s estate—led by the beautiful Heather Dawson—want Bat to just go away, but Gaston’s college-age daughter wants Bat to stay on the case.

Working behind the scenes, Bat discovers that Franklin Gaston was a bigamist, with another family stashed in a Denver suburb. As he digs deeper, he finds that Gaston wasn’t just a serial bigamist and philanderer, his activities may have had a much larger—and nefarious—purpose than just self gratification.

Watch for Up to Bat – coming to Kindle & Nook in January 2012!

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Samuel Ben White (“Sam” to his friends) is the author of the newspaper comic strip “Tuttle’s” (found at and doctortuttle,com) and the on-line comic book “Burt & the I.L.S.”. He is married and has two sons. He serves his community as a chaplain with hospice. Contact him at In addition to his time travel stories, Sam has also written and published detective novels, a western, three fantasy novels and four works of Christian fiction.

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