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I realize that spam (the unwanted electronic missives we get and not the—by now attractive by comparison—processed and canned meats) is a fact of life.

I just don’t get it. On any given day, I can go into the comments section of and find fifty to two hundred useless bits of spam. Most of them aren’t even disguised as actual messages.

Just comment after comment that says, “Buy generic drugs”. Sometimes, they’ll even go so far as to say, “Buy Vie-agra!” or some other misspelled pharmaceutical. Who are these little ads supposed to work on? Do they really think someone who is surfing the web about independent Kindle authors is going to see their droppings and think, “You know, I think I will trust my health to someone who can’t spell!” Of course not. They’re not trying to reach anyone who’s thinking. I just have a hard time believing there are enough brain-dead people out there in this world to make this pay off.

[I am by no means trying to insinuate that the actual brain dead are dumb enough to fall for this stuff. Just an expression.]

And then the other kind of spam I get is that ten of my posts will suddenly receive the exact same comment. Something like, “Enjoyed ur post! I have never read anything like this and will be back again!” What makes me think that is not a genuine compliment? Because besides appearing on the blog I wrote about the town of Como, Colorado, it also appears in the comment section for the two sentence blog where I announced that I am now on Twitter.

These trolls are irritating, but not as scary as the thought that—somewhere out there in this world—are people who are actually swayed by these little ads! And some of them are probably allowed to drive!

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2 Responses to “Comment Spam”

  1. Jonathan Cardella

    Garison – Most spam comments have embedded links. The person who created the program to post this spam on your blog is hoping that some of these posts will stick and will send link juice from your blog to their drug-selling website. They aren’t counting on anyone following those links except Google.

    That’s why I’ve worked to develop a new solution to comment called SiteBrains actually follows the links embedded in your comments and analyzes them to see if this is a site you would want posted on your blog. Additionally, it looks at the comment text for obvious spam phrases like the ones you mentioned above.

    The service is currently free because it’s in Beta and their is a WordPress Plugin that takes just a few minutes to install on any WP blog by downloading it here It will stop spam dead in its tracks, not hinder your users like Captcha and it even works against human generated spam – the toughest kind to stop.

  2. admin

    Thanks for the info and the tip, Jonathan. I’ll have my web dude look into your recommendation!