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If you scroll down this blog page, you’ll find the cover for the next Bat Garrett novel: “the Return of the Nice Guy”. Let me explain the cover, for those of you who are interested.

Much of the story takes place at Mesa Verde, in southwestern Colorado. What doesn’t take place there, is often about that location (as it seems to be the one place the killer and victim had in common). So, for the cover, a picture from Mesa Verde seemed appropriate. The main body of the picture is from the “Balcony House” ruin, a spectacular native puebloan ruin that I recommend everyone visit at least once. But the windows in real life are just views into dark rooms. So … in that bottom window I inserted a view from another area of Balcony House. The top window is a view from the top of Durango Mountain Ski Area (formerly “Purgatory Ski Area” which was a much cooler name!).

The cover for “The Woman Caught” is intended to evoke the moment when Jesus knelt in the dirt and wrote something with his finger. What did he write? We don’t know. Maybe he was writing out, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” I like the idea that maybe Jesus is writing the names of the adulterers in the crowd. The hypocrites bring the woman and toss her before Jesus, accusing her of being caught in adultery, but they didn’t bring the man. Maybe Jesus was writing that guy’s name and he was in the crowd. Or maybe this woman was–as Bob Hope used to say–”Everybody’s girl” and the men in the crowd were afraid Jesus soon would write their names. We’ll not know until we can ask him in heaven. So, anyway, that’s my 16 year old son’s hand (he’s bigger than me, so it looks like a man’s hand!) and gathered around are several family members.

No, we don’t normally do these kinds of things on a Sunday afternoon, but that day …

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