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Chapter Two

“Abilene Native Wins Olympic Gold!” the headline proclaimed above a full-page photograph of Marianne Garrett standing on a platform with a giant United States flag hanging behind her and a gold medal hanging around her neck.

On the inside there was a complete pull-out section which told everything about Marianne that a person would want to read. There were more photos. Photos of Marianne on the firing line pulling back the string on her bow; a photo of her winning the National Championship the previous spring for the Texas A&M Aggies; a photo of her sitting with her husband as they laughed at something off camera. With the provided code, the reader could also access an interactive theater online that would tell more about Marianne, show some full-motion video of her shooting, and even provide some “tips from the expert herself” about being an archer.

Even the Dallas paper-and papers further away, in Denver, New York and Sidney-carried stories about the young woman from Texas who had, literally, shot her way to the top. Papers that had never said a word about archery in their two hundred year histories were carrying articles about Marianne because, it was said, she was the best archer that had ever lived. With her natural good-looks-though not quite a model, some said-the offers were pouring in for her to appear on cereal boxes and, from someone who had never heard her sing, cut a recording. There were several offers from people who wanted to be her agent, but Marianne let her mother handle it all, usually with the word, “No.”

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