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Had trouble sleeping last night, but as I lay there tossing and turning (and trying not to wake my wife), I suddenly had the idea I’ve been looking for for months to a difficulty I’d been having with the new Garison Fitch novel!

Also, got my first “one star” review on Amazon this week! The reviewer doesn’t like the faith displayed in the novel “First Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch – Book 1″, apparently. He (or she) complains that it should be listed under Christian fiction. I guess he didn’t realize that it is already. Amazon gives authors a choice of up to five categories to put books in, and I chose two Christian designations.

There are some people who want warning labels on all books that contain any thoughts of faith … and many of them are people of faith. My thought has always been, though, that if I label my novels as only one type, I’ll get only one type of reader. Only Christians, only sci-fi readers, etc. I like being read by people of all spectrums. On the other hand, books that are clearly categorized probably do sell better among affianados of that genre.

Something to think about.

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