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We were out on the deck later when Thalia gently took my head in her hands and asked, “If I told you what you’ve told me, what would you think?”

Of course, plenty of snide remarks came to mind. Eventually, I was able to manage, “I’d wonder if you had either a] gotten clunked on the head or, 2] were severely dehydrated.”

“Dehydrated?” she asked, clearly not expecting that answer.

“People have been known to hallucinate when severely dehydrated.”

She began to move her hands over my head, and then pronounced, “I don’t feel any bumps.”

“I didn’t think you would.”

“But you agree with me that it sounds crazy, right?”

“It sounds crazy to me.” Taking her hands off my head, because it was starting to get annoying, I told her, “But it’s not going away. It’s not like a dream, Honey. I am remembering two yesterdays.” She looked like she wanted to say something, but was holding her tongue, so I said it for her, “I need to see a doctor and see if there’s a physiological reason for this.”


“That’s what you were thinking, right?”

“Yeah, but,” she hesitated, “I was thinking that if you still feel this way tomorrow, or in a couple days. Are you wanting to go today?”

“All we could get done today is a GP, anyway. If that. The only way we could get an MRI done on my head any time soon is if I had some reason for being in the Emergency Room.”

“Want me to hit you with a chair?” she offered with a smile.

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