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I finally bought a Kindle back in December and I am loving it! I held off on buying one partly because of the price, but mostly because I envisioned it as being like reading from a computer screen (i.e. what you’re doing now). But, as my sales on Kindle inched upward, and as I saw friends with e-readers, my interest began to grow.

Finally, December was the first month where I made enough money off selling books (after the pledged 25% to the local Pregnancy Resource Center) to be able to afford a Kindle, so I purchased one forthwith.

I am genuinely thankful for my Kindle because it has gotten me back to reading. I have always read, but over the last couple years I have had a hard time making myself sit down and actually read a whole, substantial book. I started reading on the Kindle partly out of my boyish love of gadgets, but then I was hooked. I don’t know if it’s the convenience of having so many books close at hand at any one time (right now, I am alternating between P.G. Wodehouse’s “The Gem” and Edgar Rice Buroughs’ “Beasts of Tarzan”), or what, but I carry it with me everywhere I go. Standing in line at the bank, I’ll pull out my Kindle and read a paragraph or three.

Since having the Kindle, I’ve read books by David Platt, Zane Grey, Chesterton and more. So many of the classics are free or cheap that it’s hard to pass up on the chance to download them. And, if I start reading and don’t like the book (which hasn’t happened, yet, but might one day), I’m not out anything but a little time.

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