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Did you receive a Kindle or Nook for Christmas—or just thinking about buying one for yourself? Now you’re looking to stock up on some excellent reading, right? Some words to carry you through these cold days of winter and into the new year.

Look no further! (Or, buy all that’s available here, then feel free to look as far as you want!) Find one of these stories below you want to read, then click on the “Library/Store” link above and find convenient links for ordering them on Kindle or Nook (and some even in paperback!). Most of the Kindle and Nook versions are only 99 cents each!

Looking for some stories about time travel and alternate history?

First Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch – Book 1 – Garison Fitch is a scientist in the Soviet Americas whose experiments land him in the 1700s. When he returns to the twenty-first century, he finds the world changed. There’s something called “The United States of America”, his parents are still alive, and a woman he’s never met before claims to be his wife. Should he go back in time and try to return everything to normal, or try to live in this world he somehow created?

Saving Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch – Book 2 – It’s two years later and Garison discovers that there is a hole in time. And it seems to be centered around his trip through time. Garison has to figure out how to sew up the rend in time, but he can’t use his time machine to do it. Can he do it before time itself is destroyed?

Lost Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch – Book 3 – Jason Kerrigan and Brownyn Dalmouth are pilots in the Republic of Texas Army Air Corp in World War II when an experimental aircraft propels them thousands of years into the future. When they return to 1947, they find the war over, the Republic gone, and people they once knew no longer recognize them. How can a trip to the future change the past?

How about a good western?

Overstreet – John Overstreet leaves Texas ahead of a vengeful family of outlaws and settles on a horse ranch in Colorado. There, he tries to make a life for himself, but is always having to look over his shoulder, lest the family of the man he killed come after him. (Set against the real life events and terrain of the town of Como, Colorado, and the South Park Valley.)

Need a fantasy story about the beginning of the end of the world?

All the Time in Our World – Edward and Marianne are a couple of teenagers on their first date when an other-worldly storm sweeps them onto a vast, barren plain. Yet, there’s something familiar about the landscape. Soon, they are traveling with an enigmatic man named Marcus who claims to be able to get them home, but first they must lead an army against evil himself.

Some of the Time – Edward and Marianne are again called to the strange land of Nid, but this time their travels take them under ground, where they find an entire civilization that hasn’t seen real sunlight in thousands of years. But the tunnels are collapsing and soon they will burst forth on the world—an event neither those who dwell under the ground or those who dwell above are ready for.

Marianne – (Coming soon!) Edward Garrett finds himself shipwrecked on unfamiliar shores and embroiled in an effort to rescue four teenage girls who have been kidnapped from their school. Edward just wants to get back to Marianne, but can he leave the rescuers leaderless and the four girls to their fate?

Or maybe your taste runs to an irreverent detective who never quite realizes he is in over his head …

The Nice Guy – Bat Garrett is a Dallas private detective whose cases usually involve proving that someone is being unfaithful to their spouse. Then, one day, he’s hired by a secretive government group called “The Home Agency” to investigate a drug smuggling ring. It seems like it’s the kind of case Bat always dreamed of: beautiful women, spies, nefarious bad guys … but someone is keeping the bad guys one step ahead of Bat. Are they that good, is he that bad, or is there someone who just wants Bat to be the fall guy?

the Return of Nice Guy – Bat Garrett is called in to investigate the murder of a Dallas banker two years before. The police and the justice department are confident they have their man, but the widow has never been satisfied with the why. Bat tries to discover why the mild-mannered banker was killed and the trail leads him into an amateur archeological society and through the ruins of Mesa Verde in Colorado.

Up to Bat – (coming in January 2012!) Bat Garrett is hired by a wealthy oil man to find out who is trying to kill him. Less than a day later, the man is found dead and everyone but Bat thinks it was just the protective brother of a spurned lover who did it. Bat digs in to find the dead man led more than one life, and every one of his lives had enemies.

If your tastes lean toward a relational drama about imperfect people trying to find the perfect love, try …

Psalm 88 – Joe Whitcomb is a preacher who hates God. Ellen Whitcomb is a teenage alcoholic hiding her problem. It seems easier to run from a problem when someone runs with you. Called “superior Christian fiction” by one reviewer, this novel has been loved by everyone who has read it. [Note: if you look for this title on Nook, it’s called “Hating God—a Love Story”.]

So Many Books – Chris Farmer is an investigator with the Bureau of Indian Affairs who tries to help a young woman named Alyste Smith escape from an abusive step-father. In the process, Chris has to grow up himself and take on the responsibility of a daughter of his own.

The Woman Caught – Opie Gates is the cleanest-cut Okie in New York City when he meets Chrissy, who is everything he’s not. First Opie falls in love with her, then he finds out what she really is. Can Opie find enough forgiveness in his heart to really love her? Does Chrissy really want to be forgiven? A modern story inspired by the Biblical story of the woman caught in adultery in John 8.

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