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I’m working on the final read-through of my novel “Overstreet”. It’s the story of a young man who kills a powerful man in self-defense and must flee to protect his friends from the family of the deceased. Unfortunately, the trouble follows him.

“Overstreet” is my tribute to Louis L’Amour. I didn’t specifically try to channel him or anything, but there are so many of LL’s books (OK, all of them) where I finish reading them and want to know what happened next. Did he get to marry the girl? Did they have tall sons and beautiful daughters? Were they able to make the ranch pay? “Overstreet” is an epic novel, then (almost 400 pages in printed form) that tells the whole story of one man’s life.

The story starts in 1879, in the west Texas town of Guthrie. As it progresses, we see the west change through the eyes of the protagonist, John Overstreet. Gold rushes, land wars, steam trains and–eventually–even automobiles and moving pictures. It’s a fictional story, but it’s set against–and within–the factual history of the now-almost-ghost-town of Como, Colorado. Places like the Allen Saloon and The Pacific Hotel were real places.

“Overstreet” is not about time travel … unless you’re like me and feel like you’ve traveled through time with every book you’ve ever read. However, as I hinted at on my Facebook page (look for “Garison Fitch” if you’re on FB), the John Overstreet in the story is a key ancestor of one of the characters in “All the Time in Our World” and “Some of the Time”. And, if you really pay attention, you’ll find some other connections to my other novels in this classic western!

Look for “Overstreet”–available on Kindle and Nook–this summer. Cover art by Mike Ray.

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