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With all the talk that a certain governor who hails from Paint Creek, Texas, might run for President, I thought I ought to point out that Paint Creek plays a small part in my novel “Lost Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch – Book 3″.

Why Paint Creek? I had an uncle that coached football there for a while and I can remember going to visit him and his family. They lived in a little house that was across the football field from the school. (Something that kind of ran in the family ’cause I grew up in a house that was across a football field from a school.) I can remember getting out on the Paint Creek field with my two cousins–Mike and Carl–and trying to kick field goals. They could both do it, but I could never get any lift on the ball.

My memories of Paint Creek are of a bleak place on the prairie. It seemed like a good place for Jason Kerrigan to be from. The flat prairie all around also provided me with good places to land their plane on a darkened night.

As to the barn that stays empty through two realities, that concept is loosely based on something that happened about 35 to 40 miles north of Haskell in Knox County. A man bought a pretty large ranch, worked it mostly alone. Then, one day, he was on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico and just disappeared. They found the boat, but never the man. There were rumors that he had some ties to the mafia, and might have even bought the ranch with mob money. I remember hearing the story as we would drive by that ranch for years because, with no heir, the ranch just sat there year after year, unused and unclaimed. Ten years after, it was still sitting there fallow. I wonder if anyone ever got to take it over (several of the local ranches would have liked the land) or if it still sits there, waiting for an owner who doesn’t seem to be coming back?

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