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I hate starting over, but I do it anyway.

In this instance, I had several thousand words written on the third story in the Edward and Marianne saga. But it was going hard. Real hard. Every word was like pulling teeth.

But then I started fiddling with another way to tell it. Another perspective, a different writing style, everything. At first, I hated to see all that earlier writing get thrown in the waste basket, but I have finally come to the conclusion that it cannot be integrated with the new way of telling the story. And I can’t deny that the new way of telling the story is much better.

So, with the old way chunked like a pine cone at an unsuspecting friend, I am now proceeding apace with the new way of telling the story. It’s so much better, and will read much better, it’s just hard to let all that other stuff go. I guess it wasn’t a complete waste of time because it helped me get the story right in my mind, but there’s still a bit of frustration there knowing the time spent on something that probably won’t get read.

At least not yet. Maybe someday. But I’ll probably decide to tell that in a different way, too.

Have you read “the Return of the Nice Guy”, yet? Was thinking of it this weekend as, though it takes place in Dallas and Mesa Verde, a large portion of it is set against the background of learning about the 9/11 attacks on TV.

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