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This past weekend, I figured out how to send myself a manuscript so I could read it on my Kindle and see how it’s going to look when someone purchases it. So I sent myself my novel (with the working title of) “Stardust”. Yes, I realize the name may need a change if for no other reason than that there’s already been a song with that title.

So, I read through the novel. Didn’t see any major changes that I wanted to make, but did make a few minor changes. I wrote “Stardust” about five or six years ago. Hadn’t picked it up since then. It was like visiting an old friend. I knew these characters very well. Though I hadn’t given them much thought in a couple years, reading the story it was like I wrote it yesterday. I could even remember where I was when I wrote some of the passages. Other places, I remembered what I was thinking.

“Stardust” is another book in my “Mended Lives” series–along with “Psalm 88″ (which is known as “Hating God – A Love Story” on Nook) and “So Many Books”. I know my time travel stories are my best sellers (by about a 6-1 margin!), but I love exploring the concepts of forgiveness and redemption and repentance. Now, I’m not sure when to release it. See, if I were a big novelist, I’d have a long roll-out with all sorts of advertising to “build some buzz” or whatever. I, however, am operating by word-of-mouth. And, as far as I can tell, my “Mended Lives” series is getting none. So would there be a difference between releasing now or later? I don’t know. Either way, I need to figure out how to get that buzz going! (Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!)

“What’s it about?” you may be asking. Andy Brockton is a recent college graduate who is convinced God is calling him to be a missionary. But then, he meets a girl. She’s pretty, she’s crazy about him, she’s everything–except a possible missionary’s wife. Even if he wanted to change her, does he have the right to try?

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