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For whatever reason, my books are selling on Kindle at about a 20-1 margin verses sales on the Nook platform. I have no idea why on either.

Did notice that I have my first review on Nook, though. It’s for “Saving Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch – Book 2″ and it’s not positive. For some reason, the person gave it 3 stars (out of 5) which is about 2 more stars than I would have expected, based on the text of his review.

Here’s what he (or she) wrote: “The characters have no flaws. They are perfectly handsome, beautiful, fit, moral, and intelligent, sounds great but perfection is boring. It seems one minute I am reading about the wonders of living a Christian life and the next I am reading about how hot the women are. I get it married “relations” is great. All in all it can be a fun read if you look past the not well hidden hint that liberals are bad.”

Except for the part about the Christian life, you could apply this review to pretty much every Louis L’Amour book. :-) Yes Garison and Heather are, physically, a little too perfect. But Garison’s pretty insecure and Heather believes conspiracy theories–and may also be a bit co-dependent. Still much of this is intentional. I have other books where the characters are more flawed, but Garison and Heather–and Sarah– are characters to aspire to.

If you like my books–or if you have read them and didn’t care for them–please write some reviews at Amazon, Barnes & Noble … and anywhere else you can find!

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