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For those of you have read “Some of the Time” and felt like the cliffhanger ending left you a little too, well, hanging … you’ll be happy to know I just finished the next book in the Edward & Marianne saga!

I am really excited about this novel. I’m not going to let any cats out of the bag as far as plot, except to say it’s probably not what you’re expecting. But I think it’ll keep you turning the pages–or pushing the buttons on your Kindle or Nook–until the end.

After finishing a book, I like to set it aside for at least a month while I “de-compress” (or whatever the term would be) and then I go back through and fill in the gaps. Now, what constitute one of these gaps for me may not be what you’re thinking of. Sometimes, as I write the first draft I am writing so fast (again, it might not look to you) that I am thinking details that don’t make it onto the page. On the re-write, I try to catch all those thing and put them into the story. Of course, I’m also looking for misspelled (or, in this computer age, misused) words and grammar that doesn’t fit my own personal vision.

That being said, I hope to have this new novel out by spring (2012).

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