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I have never had as much trouble with writing anything as I am having right now with writing “Garison IV”* I have the “big ideas” in my head, but the actual sentences are hard to come by.

There are a lot of reasons for this. For one thing, there’s a lot of life going on around me. The first drafts of the other three Garison Fitch books were written before I had children. Life was simpler then (not better, just simpler). Lots of other stuff going on, obligations, etc.

But those aren’t really the reasons this book is going so slow. They’re just convenient and semi-reasonable excuses. How deep do both of you who read this blog want me to delve into my own psyche here? The short version is that the main reason this is going so slow is that I have a real problem with avoiding doing what I should do. I try so hard to be master of my own fate that I end up shirking even my volunteer duties. So the activities I do are often my way of avoiding what I should be doing. I draw cartoons to avoid writing on my novel. I work on the novel to avoid meeting the deadlines for my cartoons. I write this blog to avoid all of the above, etc.

* That’s probably not the title it will eventually have, in case you’re wondering.

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