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My novel “So Many Books” is actually better on Nook.  I say that not to tick off Amazon or any Kindle users, but I have to admit that it’s true.

Now, I’ll tell you that the words are exactly the same in both.  So is the cover illustration.  What’s different is the font.

You’re probably thinking I’ve read too many of those pages at the end of a book that say something like, “This book was printed using the NewBaltimoreOrioles font developed by Jim “Jimbo” Walker of New Bedford, Connecticut in 1979 and based on the famous OldBaltimoreOrioles font developed in 1978 by Clede Mortermuffin and popularized by … ”  To which the average reader thinks to him or herself, “Who gives a flip?”

No, that’s not what I’m talking about.

The story of “So Many Books” is told by two different people, both in first person.  In Nook, this is clearly indicated by using different fonts for both speakers.  In Kindle, one font fits all.  (I experimented with putting one of the voices in italics, but that was annoying to read that much in squiggly letters.)  Maybe the Kindle version is better in that it foreces the reader to pay attention if they want to know who’s talking.

I think I prefer the Nook version, though.

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