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A Theory of Bonds

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One of the curiosities of modern warfare and espionage is the British decision to make their most successful spy of the day known to the public.  Generally, spies are kept secret, with great care being taken to keep their covers from being blown. In the 1960s, however, the country of England (or Great Britain) decided… Read more »

Love Languages

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My wife recently found a book about “discovering your love language”.  It is, from all reports (hers, anyway) a good book and is really opening her eyes.  Mine, too, by proxy and whether I want them opened or not. The premise of the book—I haven’t read it but I have had each paragraph discussed with… Read more »

Wanted: Naked People (?)

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As a phenomenally unsuccessful author of several novels, I began to look into the matter and try to figure out why my books aren’t selling. Now, I began with the reasonable assumption that my novels are the best-written and most-entertaining works of fiction on the market. That being the case, why aren’t they selling? The… Read more »