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Sneaky Peek #3 of my New Mystery Novel

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An excerpt from the new novel (coming October 2013) … I walked into the crowded bar, barely able to see for the intermittent bright lights and completely unable to hear due to the blaring beat of a song without a melody.  The locals were doing that dance where you put your hands in the air… Read more »

Who Are These People?

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If I were easily influenced—OK, more easily influenced than I already am—I think I would find our modern world scary.  OK, more scary than it already is. For instance, a particularly insecure person—someone who needs constant affirmation of their friendships with other people—would seem to be incredibly vulnerable to this modern phenomenon—experienced by yours truly… Read more »

Sneaky Preview #2 of the NEW Novel!

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The new novel is ready but the cover is still under construction.  Let me know what you think of this iteration!  (And, to see the other sneak preview cover, go here!) Click on the picture to the left if you’d like to see a larger version.