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If you take a look at the cover art for my upcoming novel below (or in larger format here), you’ll see the dresser of the main character.  What’s on it  … and why?

That flute, for instance.  Why is that there?  Back in high school, she learned to play the flute because she needed something to take her mind off the one thing her mind was on …

Gymnastics.  She was good at gymnastics, as is witnessed by the medals that are still strewn on top of her bureau.  She had Olympic dreams at one time, but an injury got in the way.  Which led her to pursue …

Cheerleading.  As a gymnast, she had looked down on the cheerleaders, but when she found that it was the closest she could come to gymnastics (and it would help her pay for college), she pursued the life of a Hawg cheerleader at the University of Arkansas.

That gun?  It’s a Makarov rip-off and the ammo’s a little hard to come by, but it’s easily concealed in a purse and is quite handy in her post-college career as an operative with the Home Agency.

She likes skiing and snow and mountains, hence the photo of a pass near Keystone.  What else is on her dresser-top?  Watch this blog to find out.

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