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I have three new novels on the way!

First up is a sequel to “Long Road to a Second Chance” with a working title of “Redemption”  “Medicine Park.”  Look for it to be released on Kindle & Nook in late February or early March.

Next up is a new mystery novel with detective Bat Garrett titled “Death Among Friends”.  Bat goes to the funeral of an old friend and starts to think the man’s death wasn’t an accident.  What’s more, it’s looking like the murderer may be another of Bat’s friends.  Look for “Death Among Friends” in May.

Finally, I’m not going to tell you much about the third novel except that it’s a spy story about a very unlikely person who gets swept into a world of intrigue and romance.  Look for this novel in summer 2013!

Watch this web site for more info on all of these novels!

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