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Preachers In the News

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Ministers—professional preachers, anyway—have been in the news recently, both nationally and locally.  And it hasn’t been good. That, in itself, is a shame, on many levels. A few years ago I was sitting with a man whose father was on hospice.  I had arrived at the hospital as a hospice volunteer to sit with a… Read more »

A Murder, Eternal Assurance and Something About Cold Hands

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The police ruled it a murder-suicide.  Not like a “usual” one, though, where an agitated party murders a loved one, then turns the gun on themselves.  Often sparked by an assumption of infidelity. No, the perpetrator in this case felt aggrieved over something (does it really matter what?), so he went out and found a complete stranger… Read more »

The Appeal of Legalism

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Legalism is one of those things we dislike in other people but generally like if we get to set the parameters.  And what’s really wrong with it? we wonder.  (When it’s our legalism, anyway.  We know what’s wrong with everyone else’s legalism.)  It just means that some things are right and others are wrong, right?… Read more »