Have you been wanting to read one (or many) of my novels but don’t have a Kindle and cannot imagine reading a whole novel on your phone (I can’t, either)?  Great news: most of my novels are now available in paperback and available from Amazon!  You can also order them straight from me, pay with PayPal, and you not only get the same high-quality paperback you’d get from Amazon, you would be putting more money in my personal pocket.

As you peruse this web site, look for the handy “paperback” link on the pages for books where a paperback version is available.  Or go to the “chronology” page from the menu above and you’ll see an asterisk by every novel that is currently available in paperback. To get a price quote on ordering one or many, email me at garisonfitch@gmail.com and I’ll get you set-up.

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About Sam White

Samuel Ben White (“Sam” to his friends) is the author of the newspaper comic strip “Tuttle’s” (found at www.tuttlecom.com and doctortuttle,com) and the on-line comic book “Burt & the I.L.S.”. He is married and has two sons. He serves his community as a chaplain with hospice. Contact him at garisonfitch@gmail.com In addition to his time travel stories, Sam has also written and published detective novels, a western, three fantasy novels and four works of Christian fiction.