Over-all Chronological List

  1. Overstreet
  2. The Nice Guy
  3. Long Road to a Second Chance (“Hating God-A Love Story” on Nook)
  4. The Return of the Nice Guy
  5. Medicine Park
  6. Joyfully Ever After
  7. Up to Bat
  8. Last at Bat
  9. Cheerleader, Gymnast, Flautist, Spy
  10. So Many Books
  11. Death Among Friends
  12. Toltec Mountain
  13. First Time (this book could also be listed first, due to the parts of it that Garison spends in the 1700s)
  14. The Woman Caught
  15. Saving Time
  16. A Star Falls on Oklahoma
  17. Lost Time (this one could go after “Overstreet” as much of it takes place in the 1940s, but it needs to go after the other Fitch books)
  18. Ghosts of Families Past
  19. All the Time in Our World
  20. Some of the Time
  21. The Last Valley (coming in 2016!)
  22. TimeKeeperS
  23. TimeKeeperS: Rectification
  24. A Thousand Miles Away


The Bat Garrett Novels (Detective Stories)

  1. The Nice Guy
  2. The Return of the Nice Guy
  3. Up to Bat
  4. Last at Bat
  5. Cheerleader, Gymnast, Flautist, Spy
  6. Death Among Friends
  7. Toltec Mountain
  8. Ghosts of Families Past
  9. TimeKeeperS
  10. TimeKeeperS: Rectification

The Legend of Garison Fitch (Time Travel)

  1. First Time
  2. Saving Time
  3. Lost Time
  4. TimeKeeperS
  5. TimeKeeperS: Rectification

Edward & Marianne (Fantasy)

  1. All the Time in Our World
  2. Some of the Time
  3. A Thousand Miles Away


Mended Lives (Christian)

  1. Long Road to a Second Chance
  2. Medicine Park
  3. Joyfully Ever After
  4. So Many Books
  5. The Woman Caught
  6. A Star Falls on Oklahoma (if you have read this one, and liked it, make sure you read “Ghosts of Families Past”)


In the Order they were Written (which is not the order in which they were published)

  1. Overstreet
  2. All the Time in Our World
  3. The Nice Guy
  4. Up to Bat
  5. Last at Bat
  6. First Time
  7. Long Road to a Second Chance
  8. Death Among Friends
  9. Saving Time
  10. Lost Time
  11. Medicine Park
  12. Joyfully Ever After
  13. So Many Books
  14. The Woman Caught
  15. Some of the Time
  16. The Return of the Nice Guy
  17. A Star Falls on Oklahoma
  18. A Thousand Miles Away
  19. TimeKeeperS
  20. Cheerleader, Gymnast, Flautist, Spy
  21. Toltec Mountain
  22. TimeKeeperS: Rectification
  23. Ghosts of Families Past
  24. The Boatbuilder (abandoned)
  25. The Last Valley