Burt & the I.L.S. #2 – The Return of the Haskell Kid


After having been swallowed by (of course) a dragon, Burt, Raylynn and Smitty find themselves in Haskell, Texas. It’s not quite the Haskell Burt grew up in, though, for people from forty years ago are walking around beside people that were only born recently. Buildings from the past stand next to buildings from the present day.

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Burt & the I.L.S. #1 – The Dragon’s Sceptre


Burt Cottage, tramp freighter pilot somewhere in the South Pacific, connects with Smitty, a larcenous rogue (though that may be putting too fine a point on it) for adventure and treasure-seeking. Along the way, they are attacked by pirates, trapped by a volcano, and sent on a high-paying, high-risk mission by the mysterious Mrs. Li.

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