Shootout at the Federal Courthouse

Ira “Doc” Pearson is brought to an almost-dead body found beside the road. Before the man can reveal who his killer was, he expires, leaving Ira to uncover the mystery. And Ira doesn’t even know the identity of the dead man!

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The Nice Guy – Bat Garrett book 1


Bat Garrett was just a novice private investigator with big dreams when he was approached by two men from the Home Agency-a secretive government body-to go on a mission. On the mission, his dreams seem to come true as he is surrounded by beautiful women, intrigue and danger. The dream turns into a nightmare when the first woman tries to kill him, the second one turns out to just be a plant and the third woman-the one he has to marry-can’t stand the sight of him. As Bat tries to uncover the secret behind an apparent drug ring and the possibility that he’s just someone’s patsy, he also has to come face to face with the one trial he’s spent his life trying to avoid: growing up.

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Cheerleader, Gymnast, Flautist, Spy


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Laying in bed with a broken leg, Jody Anderson recalls the events that have brought her to that moment. Adolescent gymnast … college cheerleader … flute player in the band … Just how did all this land her in a hospital, her medical bills paid by the Treasury Department? How did she get from a farm in rural, northern Arkansas to the world of being a domestic spy, bullets flying, bones breaking, and romance?

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Toltec Mountain


Dallas private eye Bat Garrett is called in to investigate a snowboarder who crashed in the “Mind Games”, a made-for-TV spectacular being held at Toltec Mountain Ski Area in New Mexico. What looks like just a routine accident–like the many other accidents that are always happening on the slopes–becomes more suspicious when the snowboarder is found dead in her hotel room. Soon, there’s another death, and then another. Is someone stalking the “Mind Games”? Can Bat–and his wife, Jody, who is working the case undercover–unravel the mystery before the bodies pile up higher than the snow?

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Ghosts of Families Past

Ghosts of Families Past300

Bat Garrett happens to be on hand when the Native Sun Trading Post blows up. Two bodies are found in the rubble, presumed to be the owners of the trading post. But Jody has seen them before. Jody knows that, if there’s anyone in the world with motive to want the two shop-owners dead … it’s her.

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When Bat Garrett wakes up one morning with the wrong wife, he knows something is wrong. Jody’s dead.  His grandson Edward is dead.  A young woman named Marianne went to the future by herself. Everything is wrong and Bat is the only person who remembers how things used to be, when they were right.  But… Read more »

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Death Among Friends


Bat Garrett goes to the funeral of a friend from high school, only to find that there are some family members of the deceased who think the death wasn’t accidental. Bat begins to look into the death and is confronted by old memories, some ex-girlfriends, and the disturbing idea that–if it were murder–it was committed by someone Bat knew.

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Last at Bat – Bat Garrett book 4


A ghost. Bat has to be seeing a ghost. While recuperating in Houston he stumbles across a shopgirl who looks and sounds just like someone he lost a year before. As his friends think he’s going crazy, and even he’s starting to wonder if he watched “Vertigo” one too many times, he tries to piece together the background of the shopgirl. The investigation takes Bat from Houston and Dallas, to Arkansas and Durango (where he meets a young Garison Fitch) and closer to the conclusion that he may not have been the only one set-up by the Home Agency.

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The Return of the Nice Guy – Bat Garrett book 2

Return of 2000

Two years after a murder has been solved and the killer put in jail, Bat Garrett is hired by an attractive widow to find out why her husband was killed. The police-and everyone else-say it was just a robbery gone bad, but she thinks differently. With Jody Anderson-still on crutches from her horrific ordeal in “The Nice Guy”-by his side, Bat undertakes a case that leads him through an amateur archeological society in Dallas and into a centuries old mystery in the ancient ruins of Mesa Verde in southwest Colorado. Did the unassuming banker uncover something someone else would rather have stayed hidden?

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