Noiné’s Child – Martyr’s Fire – Book One


n the aftermath of the murder of her family, Noiné emerges from the ashes of her home, clinging to an ancient and mostly-forgotten faith and determined to make things better for herself, the child she hopes to have, and the sister who may yet live.

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The Turtle – a parody (coming to Kindle May 1!)


Join Tuttle as he is recruited by a wandering and mystical armadillo to help a baker’s dozen of dogs recapture their homeland from the fearsome Haug, a feral swine of enormous size, malevolence and smell. Along the way, they encounter a tennis-loving bear, almost-magical cats, and dreaded chupacabralopes.

With a foreword from award-winning cartoonist Leigh Rubin (“Rubes”) and illustrations from Sam White, creator and artist of the newspaper comic strip “Tuttle’s”, this is what a beloved children’s story might look like in West Texas. Published by Waldorf Publishing.

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The Dumbest Planet in the Universe


A world without sin or strife or pain.
Scott Passer III, “Trey” to his friends and family, went in for a routine heart ablation. He woke up in a spaceship little bigger than a coffin and going … where?
He finally crashes on an idyllic planet many galaxies away the locals call Oolod. They put him back together and begin to show him a world where no one even knows the meaning of lie.
And hovering over all is a mysterious figure Trey can’t see. He can’t even hear the being’s name when others speak it. Who is this strange being, and was it him that brought Trey across the universe?
And why?
#CSLewis #fantasy #Perelandra #spacetravel #timetravel

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Cover for "NOAH"

What if an inventor, say an Edison or a Leonardo—instead of sixty—had eight hundred years to invent? What if the antediluvian world were not made up of hunter-gatherers and the beginnings of an agrarian society, but of spacefarers and scientists?

And what if it were into a world like that that God spoke to tell one of the preeminent scientists of the day to build an ark of wood?

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TimeKeeperS: Rectification


An EMP knocks out all the power in North America. As people are scrambling to get generators (or anything else) running, they begin to hear rumors. Nuclear war. Chaos. What about the President? Is she alive or did she die in the disaster?

Mary Orsen discovers that her ability to travel through time was not affected by the EMP. She has the power and the ability to go back in time and prevent the war. But she also knows that she’ll only make things worse if she doesn’t go back and change what really started it. Was it the EMP, or had it actually begun before that?

Mary consults with men who have traveled through time before: Bat Garrett and Garison Fitch. They are old now and can, however, only give advice. If the world is going to be saved, there can only be one TimeKeeper.

And Mary’s pretty sure she’s not it.

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When Bat Garrett wakes up one morning with the wrong wife, he knows something is wrong. Jody’s dead.  His grandson Edward is dead.  A young woman named Marianne went to the future by herself. Everything is wrong and Bat is the only person who remembers how things used to be, when they were right.  But… Read more »

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All The Time In Our World – Edward & Marianne book 1


Two nervous west Texas teenagers on their first date are suddenly engulfed in a horrific thunderstorm and take shelter in an old barn. When the storm subsides, the barn is gone … and so is everything else, except their bicycles. They ride their bikes on a mysteriously well-maintained road in an otherwise barren land to an ancient castle whose single resident claims to already know them. Edward and Marianne have been whisked thousands of years into the future and their only hope of returning to their own world and time is to follow a mysterious traveler named Marcus and a hulking warrior named Daniel into a battle for the soul of all mankind. Over almost a year’s time and more than a thousand miles of travel, Edward and Marianne are trained “physically and mentally” to put together and lead the army that will fight the battle for the beginning of the end of the world. As Edward is taught to be a general and a sword-fighter and Marianne learns to use a bow and lead as well, they begin to learn that their greatest asset just may be each other.

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Some of the Time – Edward & Marianne book 2


Garison Fitch’s grandson, Edward Garrett, and his young wife Marianne, have been living back in the twenty-first century for four years now. Marianne has won a gold medal at the Olympics … and Edward? He’s been stuck in a dead-end job, dreaming of the days when he led armies and walked the lands of the far future with Marcus and Daniel. A parade in Marianne’s honor in their hometown is cut short by a storm-an enormous storm like only Edward and Marianne have seen before. When it subsides, they are back in the future they once knew, even closer to the end of the world than before. But Lasten-who they knew before as an old man-is now a young man and the land of Nid is populated as it had been in his youth … and led by a madman who believes his society is dying and, so, must be put out of its misery. In the course of trying to save the future-and discover why they have been summoned out of their own time-Marianne and Edward discover a whole new culture and race of men most people believed was only a legend until the Garretts burst through with irrefutable evidence that the legends are true. The world will never be same, but can it survive the change long enough to make it to the end of time itself?

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