A Hand with Women

Agatha Christie meets Louis L'Amour in this western mystery

Agatha Christie meets Louis L’Amour in this western mystery.
When Morgan James left McKeon, Texas, ahead of a necktie party, he had no idea that he was stepping right out of one frying pan and into another.
Whether he’s in the fire or not he won’t know until he discovers who the murderer is, or even who that body belonged to.

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John Overstreet was a cowboy for a west Texas ranch when he killed a man in self-defense and was forced to leave the country or fight the man’s whole family. He follows his fortune to Como, Colorado, and the ULC Ranch. As the years go by and he tries to build both the You’ll See and himself into something, he must face blizzards, fires and gold-hunters. He pursues love and fortune as he sees the turn of the century bring changes to transportation and every aspect of life. But he must keep looking over his shoulder, for the family of the man he killed doesn’t forget … or forgive. On Sale Now!

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