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Need a Read for Kindle or Nook?

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Did you receive a Kindle or Nook for Christmas—or just thinking about buying one for yourself? Now you’re looking to stock up on some excellent reading, right? Some words to carry you through these cold days of winter and into the new year. Look no further! (Or, buy all that’s available here, then feel free… Read more »

I Need Your Help

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If you’ve read any one of my novels (and enjoyed it) would you be willing to give me a good review on Amazon and or Barnes & Noble? I’d sure appreciate it!! Be honest, be concise, and don’t be afraid to gush like crazy.

99 Cents and Other Thoughts

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It’s now been two weeks since I began the experiment of offering my novels for 99 cents on Kindle*. During those two weeks (13 days, as of this writing, if you want to be precise), I have sold almost twice as many books as I was previously selling in an entire month. Now, due to… Read more »