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New Title for “Psalm 88″

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After much thought, I have finally come up with a new (and hopefully better) title for the novel that used to be named “Psalm 88″: “Long Road to a Second Chance”. Why the change? I liked the original title, and it does have a lot to do with the book itself, but it kept confusing… Read more »

“A Woman Caught”

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Here’s the cover for the next book in the “Mended Lives” series (joining “Psalm 88″* and “So Many Books”). It’s not exactly a re-telling of “the woman caught in adultery” from John 8, but it is about that story. Alexander “Opie” Gates meets a woman with a horrible past. He’s excited when she starts to… Read more »

Read Through

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This past weekend, I figured out how to send myself a manuscript so I could read it on my Kindle and see how it’s going to look when someone purchases it. So I sent myself my novel (with the working title of) “Stardust”. Yes, I realize the name may need a change if for no… Read more »