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The Cliffhanger is Unhung!

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For those of you have read “Some of the Time” and felt like the cliffhanger ending left you a little too, well, hanging … you’ll be happy to know I just finished the next book in the Edward & Marianne saga! I am really excited about this novel. I’m not going to let any cats… Read more »

Not So Much an Art or a Craft but a Passion

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The thing about writing is that there are a thousand books about how to do it, a millions seminars, and hyperbole out the wazoo … and they’re all wrong. And they’re all right. “Write for your audience” is good advice, unless you don’t know who your audience is. Maybe it’s left-handed Capricorns who dig baseball… Read more »


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I hate starting over, but I do it anyway. In this instance, I had several thousand words written on the third story in the Edward and Marianne saga. But it was going hard. Real hard. Every word was like pulling teeth. But then I started fiddling with another way to tell it. Another perspective, a… Read more »