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Featured Novel on a Great Site!

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If you’re reading this on April 4, 2012, you need to head over to Kindle Romance Novels and see what the featured book is! Even if you’re coming to this a day or two late, you can still go over there and see the nice write-up they gave my “Long Road to a Second Chance.”… Read more »

Read Through

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This past weekend, I figured out how to send myself a manuscript so I could read it on my Kindle and see how it’s going to look when someone purchases it. So I sent myself my novel (with the working title of) “Stardust”. Yes, I realize the name may need a change if for no… Read more »

New advertisement

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It would make no sense to continue calling it the “March Mental Awareness Sale” now that March is passing away. On the other hand, sales have been fantastic! So, until I think of a catchy April slogan, the prices stay down and here’s my ad: I don’t necessarily care for the plain white background. But… Read more »