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Favorite Spam Comment of the Day (2.6.12)

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“Thank you Anne! I just checked out your website and your floral design is amazing. We hope to work with you in the future sometime (We travel, and would absolutely love to photograph a Tennessee wedding!” Some spammer is submitting thousands of comments to thousands of web sites in hopes of directing some traffic to… Read more »

Bums on the Internet

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This website is being inundated by spammers. Someone tried to explain to me how this works, but it didn’t click with me. Something about the spammers getting paid just for landing their ads—even if only temporarily—on websites. How do I know they are spam and not actual letters? For starters, the “author’s” name is something… Read more »

Comment Spam

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I realize that spam (the unwanted electronic missives we get and not the—by now attractive by comparison—processed and canned meats) is a fact of life. I just don’t get it. On any given day, I can go into the comments section of and find fifty to two hundred useless bits of spam. Most of… Read more »