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King Louis L’Amour

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When a Louis L’Amour character walks down a street, you get the sense that—if you were suddenly placed on that street yourself—you’d know where to go because he’s already laid it out so well for you. That trail through the mountains? You could find it from his directions. L’Amour wrote about how, in preparation for… Read more »

History of Fire

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In the late 1890s, the town of Como, Colorado was almost wiped off the map by a fire which started somewhere near the hotel or the depot. Before the day was out, several businesses (including the hotel and the depot) were destroyed, as well as many homes. Many of the homes—as in most other mining… Read more »

Overstreet … Coming in July!

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My epic western novel, “Overstreet” hits the shelves* in July! I’m really looking forward to hearing what you think of this novel. It’s a serious western novel, exploring not just one event in the life of someone from the old west, but following that life, and the life of a western town, to the very… Read more »